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Selected Clips

Tight Lipped Podcast:
Episode 6:
The Career Woman's Disease

I'm super excited to share this episode of Tight Lipped Podcast that I produced with Tight Lipped founders and producers Hannah Barg and Noa Fleischacker! It's part of a two-part series exploring how race and class influence endometriosis diagnosis and treatment.

I interviewed sources, researched, wrote parts of the script and scored parts of this episode. I also designed and wrote a slew of Instagram content for this episode, some of which got our highest impressions on Instagram.

Podcast: Oregon Film History Through Katherine Wilson’s ‘Echoes From The Set’

In Echoes From the Set, Katherine Wilson tells stories of scouting locations for Animal House, finding realistic extras for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and working with University of Oregon students to make a documentary about Animal House, titled Animal House of Blues. She paints a vibrant picture growing up in the Oregon film industry and argues why Oregon’s unique cinematic voice matters.


I produced, edited and hosted this podcast on film production in Oregon for Split Tooth Media.

Audio Feature: How The True Loves Drummer’s Acupuncture Job Informs His Music

David McGraw is the drummer for Seattle soul outfit The True Loves and is an acupuncturist by day. I  caught up with him to hear how his day job informs his music. and vice-versa. We spoke about  how he uses music in his acupuncture practice and the awareness he needs for both jobs.


I reported and produced this story for KEXP's Sound & Vision. All of the reporting was done on a remote basis.

News Segment:
Health Careless; Monkeypox Rates, PrEP Accessibility and the GOP's New Take on the ACA

In this episode of Health Careless, hosts Elura Nanos and Matthew Zachary are joined by LMFT and PrEP advocate Damon Jacobs to discuss his experience getting the Monkeypox vaccine, his work on PrEP advocacy and a news story on challenges to the ACA.


I researched, outlined, booked and edited this segment from OffScrip Health's Out of Patients.

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